Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Let your girlfriends know you love them!

February. Valentine's Month. More cards, toys, chocolates etc than you can shake a stick at. Everywhere you look: Love, Love, Love!

Well, let's take some inspiration and let our girlfriends know just how important they are to us, how much we love and appreciate them...because...after all, men are great, but your girlfriends are critical. Girlfriends will always be there even when the menfolk aren't. Girlfriends know just what to do if you break up with a man; but few men truly understand what it means to break up with a girlfriend. So let's celebrate our girlfriends! Send them a card to show them your love and appreciation.

I had these cards created precisely for that purpose. Beautifully designed by my good buddy Tania.

They cost £8.00 including p&p. To buy just email me at tina@divadom.co.uk stating your postal address and the number of sets you want. I'll email you a paypal payment link by return. (Why didn't I put a link on the blog? Because I'm still trying to work it out!)

Happy Valentines! And to all my Divas - I really do appreciate you.