Sunday, August 31, 2008

Beauty and the peace

A friend in Zimbabwe sent me this picture of Lake Kariba. Such beauty, such peace and such a contrast to the turmoil that country is suffering.

Return of the Monday Moment 2

I had intended to get more blogging done this week, but I have been chained to my computer writing a book on social networking. Another week of RSI, square eyes and a numb bum and it will all be over.

My theme for this week's Monday Moment is 'Open or Closed?'

I had applied for a job a while ago and the process seemed to be dragging out a bit, but I was still confident it was the right place for me... and so were all my friends. So it was a little bit of a surprise when I didn't get it.

There were a lot of reasons why the job would have been great and lots of reasons for wanting it. It had seemed such perfect synchronicity when I came across it. An old boss even thought I'd written the job spec myself, it was so 'me' (i.e. it fitted so well my background, my experience and my interest in travel). But it isn't to be 'me' now.

I'm not actually too disappointed by that because one of my strong beliefs is that if one door closes, it's because there is a better one opening. And that is quite an exciting thought. A new canvas to paint perhaps?

So my thought for you this week, Divas is this: if something isn't going quite how you want it, is it a door closing or actually a new door opening?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Return of the Monday Moment

I've been thinking a lot about the Monday Moment recently and feeling the urge to bring it back, so I have. Monday Moments will appear here every Monday until I run out of steam or inspiration again.

If you aren't familiar with the Monday Moment, it's my little pearl of wisdom or inspiration to see you through the week. And it feels better to do it on the blog than by email because I can include photos and links more easily and they will automatically be archived so you can revisit them if you so wish. And you can add your own comments and thoughts which makes it much more of a group conversation than simply a speech by me. Much more fun!

So here is the first Return of the Monday Moment!

This picture was given to me by my best mate Claire. She (the picture, not Claire) sits on my mantelpiece and reminds me that I create who I am by what I imagine myself to be. (She even looks like me!) Right now I imagine myself to be a inspiring writer and a wild, creative woman.

The picture is by Zorana. We love her stuff!!! Her blog is here:

So my thought for this last week of August for all you Divas out there is this:

What do you imagine yourself to be?

With love and twinkles as always! (It's good to be back)