Monday, August 27, 2007

Sometimes you need to know when to give in!

Apparently it's all Saturn's fault that the last two years have been so pants. I very rarely bother reading horoscopes, but recently Shelley Von Strunckel has intrigued me with her talk of Saturn in Leo causing disruption for the last two years. Take today for example:

Daily stars for today 27 August 2007
It’s been demanding. But when you reflect on the two years that Saturn’s been in your sign, you’ll realise how much you learned, faced and achieved. Now, during its final week in Leo, there may be one or two issues left to confront. Then, next Sunday, you say farewell to it and begin a new cycle.

Well, she is darned right. The last two years have been demanding, disruptive, difficult and although interspersed with some very wonderful moments, there have been a number of times when I have wanted to just go under the duvet and never some out. But dear Shelley is also quite right about the learning and achievements too. I have learned SO MUCH about myself in the last two years and the last six months have been full of the last pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that make the picture suddenly become clear.

One of my biggest learnings, possibly the most painful, but also the most liberating was the realisation that one of my greatest strengths - my tenacity, my determination never to give up - was also my greatest downfall when not carefully managed. My refusal to give up in certain circumstances - men, money and business especially - has clouded my vision and stopped me from seeing clearly the proverbial dead horses I have been flogging. In each case I should have walked away long before I did. This refusal to give in also clouded my vision of my true path. For how long have I been going the wrong way up this street of life, I wonder? How much time and energy have I consumed swimming against my tide? How much money would I have made instead of lost?

What I do know for sure now is that when you have bought yourself lemons, you had better make lemonade. Regardless of what I have 'spent' or lost in time, energy, money or love, I can replace it all and then some, if I allow my tenacity to work for me not against me. I am so looking forward to this new chapter of my life; so looking forward to making time, making money and making love. So looking forward to being who I truly am, to writing and creating beautiful books, speaking beautiful words and inspiring the beautiful 'self' in my readers and audiences.

So new cycle, new chapter, new life (new blog template) - bring it on!

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