Friday, September 29, 2006

Challenge to the universe!

The last few weeks have been somewhat hectic with the launch of my new book 100 Ways to Live with Horse Addict and working on the new website for nervous horse riders; and just when I thought it was all going well and finally I'd hit at least first base if not a home run, I get another kick in the teeth! Either I was really awful in a former life or I've got a lot to learn in this one because I don't seem to get a year without upheaval of some description.
The latest thing is that I have to move house again! I have been renting a lovely cottage on top of a hill with a fabulous view; I have the horses right outside my door, and George my little dog runs about happily visiting the neighbours who all love him.
The spanner in the works is that my landlord only had planning permission for this to be a holiday cottage, even though it has never been used for that purpose. Someone has sent an anonymous letter to the local council complaining that the cottage has a permanent tenant. As we are right out of the village and I get on really well with the neighbours, it has be to someone with a grudge - and we have a good idea who! All I can say is his life must be devoid of any joy if he has to pull this kind of stunt.
So here I am in the midst of writing another two books, relaunching websites and generally trying to some kind of success of my life and I'm imminently homeless, I have a month to find a new home. I can't even live in the horsebox because I've just sold it.
Recently I have been really trying to get to grips with the abundance thing and attracting more of it into my life, and trusting in myself and the universe. I've been reading books and listening to tapes about how to mainfest what you want, how to find and live your passion, how to attract money, how to feel abundance and live abundantly even if you are skint. Every book, tape etc has said: get very clear on what you want, because when you are clear it will come to you, but only to the extent that you are clear. Put it out into the universe and expect that or something even better to come to you.
So I am sticking a challenge out to the universe: I want to own the whole property on which my cottage is situated - or an even better property with french doors that open into the garden, a ready made orchard and superb riding facilities including off-road hacking, 20 x 60 riding arena with stereo facilities built in so I can ride to music, plus grazing stabling and outbuildings that are convertable or already converted for an office from which I can run my publishing company. I want to earn £millions from the inspiring and beautiful works that I publish. I want to live a life full of fun, creativity, abundance and wealth so I can do what I like and spend what I like on what I like with joy and passion ( I can see the sports car, the 4x4 and the silver horsebox sitting in the garages already). I can see it all very clearly and I am passionate about having it right now! So come on Universe - bring it on!

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