Thursday, August 17, 2006

If diets work why aren't we all our ideal weight?

Following on from my previous post, I was watching Esther Rantzen and Lynn Faulks on the tv in their new programme Old Dogs, New Tricks chasing up some bloke who was selling diet pills. He was claiming an absolute weight loss guarantee and of course they debunked his claims. He was making pots of money out of people desperate for a solution to their weight loss. I also recall a programme last year with Victoria Word investigating the diet industry and why dieting doesn't seem to work.
Well I guess its pretty obvious really. If dieting worked - first time and forever - then the industry would have run out of steam long ago. For the majority of people, dieting does not work because it isn't what they are eating that's the problem. It's how and why and when they are eating it. That is what the industry relies on. And what is worse is that for many, they end up heavier than they were to start with.
So is the diet industry preying on the desperate? Well that is debatable. They are catering for a demand and while we believe that dieting is the answer to shed our extra pounds, we will feed the industry's coffers to the tune of billions of dollars a year. In the US alone the diet industry is worth about $48 billion dollars.
What lies beneath that demand however is more important and is the real answer to pound or kilo shedding: our self esteem, our self worth and our relationship with food. I mentioned the fabulous Chocolate Fairies at in my last post. I plug them because they, like me, want to inspire women to get off this treadmill of poor self image, poor self esteem, and low self worth. They come at it from the angle of getting to grips with your relationship with food. I come at it from the angle of having a better relationship with yourself - being your own best friend instead of your own worst enemy and celebrating yourself as you are right now - with or without those extra few pounds.
So what do you think - divas out there? Are you dieting? Are you loving yourself as you are? Tell us about your relationships - with food and with yourself!

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