Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm going to be a blackberry

I had one of those days, today. A day of techno failures and frustrations, a day when you think 'next lifetime I really don't want to be a human again'. So while the computer monitor died and I waited for the ancient laptop to warm itself up, I pondered what would I like to be next time round.

A blackberry bush is what I finally decided on. A blackberry bush because...

I'd grow wild just about anywhere I wanted
I'd be able to sleep all winter
I'd languish in the summer sun (assuming there is some!)
I'd bear an a bounty of flowers and an abundance of juicy fruits that would feed the local wildlife
and if anybody or thing really p***d me off I could rip a few shreds off them with my thorns (also useful for hooking a tasty chap!)
But the best thing about being a blackberry, is that no matter how many times you get 'pruned' you just grow back stronger, hardier and more perniciously than before!

I'm almost looking forward to it! What would you be, next time around?

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