Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Dynamic Weekend!

Talk about buzzing! If anyone reading this has been on the Wealth Dynamics weekend with Roger Hamilton, you will know what I mean. If you haven't then I'll try to give you a sense of it. Imagine 200+ people in a room, talking excitedly, discovering things about themselves which suddenly put whole rafts of their life into perspective. Recognition dawning for the first time for some, for others the final bit of the jigsaw at last.

We've all been there. The great conference from which we'd left hyped up and motivated, thinking we'd found the thing that would make us rich and lead us to the land of milk and honey - MLM, internet marketing, property investments, getting in on the stock market. It all made so much sense didn't it? And we left believing that we'd cracked it. Only somehow, months later, we discovered that we hadn't. Maybe we were just bemused, maybe we were rather poorer than when we started.

So was this Wealth Dynamics stuff just another one of 'those' weekends? I had pondered to myself on the way down to London. For some time I had been thinking that there must be some sort of model of wealth creation, and I'd been starting to develop thoughts of creating my own, when an email landed in my inbox and sent me off to listen to Roger Hamilton. He seemed to have done just what I was thinking of doing. But was it all hype and hyperbole?

Well, no. I can honestly say that it was a life changing experience. Yes I came away motivated, but more than that I came away with absolutely certainty that I had found the very thing that would make me rich - ME. Yes me. Because Roger H's whole philosophy is that it isn't what you do that creates your wealth; it's who you are. And by being who you are, your path to wealth in all its senses (and not just money) finds its flow.

Now of course this philosophy sits very well with me. Being your authentic self and running your life from your true I.D. (Inner Diva) rather than the person you think you should be, is absolutely central to my own philosophy. So to discover that my I.D, in Hamilton's Wealth Profile is a Star, came as no surprise, but it did come as a huge relief. Why? Because when I reflected on the work that I had done well and done naturally and earnt the most money from, and the work that was hard and not very lucrative, I could see clearly when I was in my Star flow and when I was trying to be someone else. Finally I could give myself permission to just be me -in business, as well as in life generally.

The things that I am really great at and love doing are all to do with creating brands and brand attraction, defining and refining identity (mine or others); and I'm most in my flow when I am doing just that. My favourite vehicles being writing and presenting, but I also really enjoy helping others define and refine their own identities and creating or building their brands.

What I am least good at is figures, business plans, the substance behind the brand. The stuff that fits other profiles, not mine. And I can't tell you how utterly liberating it is to feel that I no longer have to beat myself up for not being a great 'businesswoman'. I can redefine myself as a great 'brandwoman'. Now that feels just perfect!

I also rediscovered the importance of 'who you know', rather than 'what you do'. It doesn't matter a jot if I am crap with figures, as long as I have someone in my team who is (phew I have).
Real wealth is in the network you develop and the team around you, not in the money you have.

And over last weekend we all expanded our network, and started to see where our real value is. I'll write more on this over the coming week as I ponder and reflect (and take action). But if you are intrigued, and wondering which profile you might be, I suggest you visit the Wealth dymanics website at

Tina B x

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