Sunday, October 12, 2008

Monday Moment Embracing your inner D.I.V.A

I'm going through an interesting time at the moment. It is clearly a time of clearing away the last vestiges of the stories that I have lived which now need to be consigned to the past so that I can live a new story. The story of a Divine, Intuitive, Vital woman with Attitude. The story of the sculpture within the marble (see the last Monday Moment). The story of a woman who owns her divine feminity, sensuality and sexuality. A woman who is certain of who she is; powerful and vulnerable, active and passive, giving and receiving - in balance.

There are four women who epitomise this D.I.V.A for me: Joanne Lumley, Honor Blackman, Felicity Kendal and Cherie Lunghi. Last nights performance of the Rumba by Cherie Lunghi on Strictly Come Dancing just embodied all of that story for me. If a picture paints a thousand words then this video of Cherie's performance says it all. Here is a D.I.V.A in action. Enjoy!

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