Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Moment: We will get what we focus on!

Watching the BBC news on Friday night, I was both appalled and incensed. In reporting on the economic downturn, the BBC carried a report on Corby where they had a young teenage girl staring out over a building site where work had stopped, stating that this wasteland was like her future.

I wanted to leap into the TV, grab the girl by the shoulders and yell, 'No it isn't! This is just media hype and it doesn't represent anything!'

Because the truth is that in 16 years of economic growth, there have still been failed businesses, lost jobs and stopped building works. In downturns and recessions there are still businesses that grow, build and take on staff. Job losses are not caused by recession, they are caused by businesses that are failing - and would fail under pretty much any climate - or that are restructuring, down-sizing, shifting production to countries with cheaper labour etc.

If we give the message to our youth that their future is a wasteland, then it will be. If we give out the message that regardless of the economic climate, the deal is to get creative, innovative, to look for ways to liberate your talent and to rely on your own initiative, then our youth have a much stronger chance of thriving and undoing the mess we are leaving them as our legacy.

I, for one, am focusing on the opportunities that are always there if your eyes are open enough to see them. I hope all you Divas will join me in supporting our young people and helping them believe that their future is in their hands, and not in the media wastelands!

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