Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Monday Moment on errr... Wednesday

Yes I know I am late! I've been so busy finishing a book on social networking I've got behind with my own! Still book now finished - phew! - and now I can get on with practising what I have just been preaching.

Last week I was talking about our Dark Horse. And since pondering mine, I've come realise that like diamonds we (women particuarly) have many facets. Unfortunately those facets -all beautiful - aren't always in alignment with each other. I've been struggling to align my Boardroom Babe facet with my Spiritual Softness. I need the vast blue sky and open air and closeness to nature - because this is my connection to Spirit and the oneness of all things. Living in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere is great on that front.

Yet I also miss being in the crowd, partying with people who stretch my brains, chewing the cud with other maverick thinkers and business philosphers. This doesn't mean I can't be spiritual as well - but I have been seeing them as two sides of a coin. I am showing either heads or tails, where I need to align these facets within myself so I am showing the whole coin, the whole diamond.

So my focus for this week is on looking at all my facets and bringing them into alignment so the whole that I present to the world is the sum of my parts and not just some of them. If you are feeling a little fragmented you might like to do it too.

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